As the only counselor with a Ph.D. in marriage & family therapy in southeast Alaska, Dr. Swinton is equipped to help with the most difficult relationship and mental health challenges. He uses brief solution-focused approaches that have been proven effective and efficient by research.

Dr. Jonathan Swinton is a seasoned relationship and mental health expert.

Highlights from his experience:

  • Ph.D. and master’s degree in marriage and family therapy
  • Licensed marital and family therapist (Alaska license #168942); certified medical family therapist
  • Counseled thousands of individuals, couples, and families over the past 15 years
  • Trained hundreds of therapists and therapists-in-training across the country as a nationally renowned counseling expert
  • Has been awarded for his creative innovations in the counseling industry
  • Has led and served on a variety of advisory boards for family services, mental health, and educational institutions
  • Former faculty member at Utah State University and instructor at Kansas State University

Benefits of his approach:

  • Engaging personality and sense of humor can help you feel at ease
  • Directive counseling style that provides you with practical tools you need to solve your challenges
  • Focuses on implementing solutions that are tailored to your unique situation

He and his wife have three sons and love life in Juneau. He enjoys spending time with his family, photography, fishing, Hallmark movies, the guitar, and playing with his dog.

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